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It never fails! You’ve finally purchased your dream – a motorhome! On your first cross-country trip, some “driver” who’s not paying attention backs into it and manages to scuff your bumper. Of course, this is usually done by a small car and you’ll never really figure out how they didn’t see your monster of a motorhome. You now need to find a reputable repair company that specializes in motorhome bumper repair. Here are some things you should know about what this type of service entails, what to look for in a repair service, and other important information.

The Basics of Cardiff Motorhome Bumper Repair

Most of the newer models of motorhomes have plastic or fibreglass bumpers. In fact, almost 95% of all vehicles now have plastic bumpers. Plastic is a little more forgiving if there is a minor collision; however, there are times when you will need a repair for a dent, scrape, scratch, scuff, or even a crack. After all, there is a limit as to how much a plastic bumper can take!

Many people are not aware that plastic welding exists. It does sound a little strange, doesn’t it? The best part about plastic welding for your motorhome repair is that it can eliminate the need for bumper replacement in many cases. This can result in a significant savings for YOU.

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Plastic motorhome bumper repairs do not have to be limited to just the bumper area. Minor motorhome repairs to other areas, such as the trim, can usually be accomplished with plastic welding as well. How is this repair accomplished? It takes special equipment and a very well trained technician.So if you live in the South Wales area just give us a call our mobile bumper repair service covers Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and Bridgend and most of the surrounding areas.

The Plastic Welding Process

The plastic repair process first begins with identifying the type of plastic, the extent of the damage, and the best method to bring the bumper or trim back to its original appearance. With some companies, the latter is one area that often falls short of expectations. However, if the repair is done correctly by a trained technician, there should be no evidence of the repair or of the original damage. Not all damage can be repaired. If there is extensive damage, you may want to consider replacing your motorhome bumper.

If in doubt just give us a call or better still text or email us a photo of the damaged bumper and we can usually give you a good idea of cost immediately.

Once the type of plastic is properly identified, the repair technician will determine if the repair needs any other work carried out. In some cases, reinforcement welds may be placed on the rear of a repaired area, as well as the front, in order to restore the strength of the part.

Motorhome Bumper repairs in and around South Wales can be easily completed need advice

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If there is protective trim or a decorative trim in place, this will need to be removed so there is enough room to perform the repair. Damaged motorhome trim areas are usually replaced with an adhesive that will soften with heat treatment. A cold trim that is removed without heating can damage the trim beyond repair. Once the trim has been heated enough to soften the adhesive, the trim should pull away and it may be re-used after the repair is completed.

The next step in repairing a motorhome plastic bumper is to prepare the damaged area to accept a weld. This means removing paint, debris, or plastic material that is inside the crack. Once the area is ready to accept the weld, the technician will use a special welding tool and rod to add material to the damaged area. Even if there is material missing, the repair may still be done in most cases.

Once the weld is in place and cool, the repaired area will be prepared for painting. Once the repair is complete, the technician will perform a final inspection to ensure that there is no further work needed before completing the repair by re painting the damaged area and applying lacquer if needed. The plastic component should be a strong as the original and there should be no visible evidence of the repair.

Motorhome Bumper repairs in and around South Wales can be easily completed – need advice?

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Why You Should Choose South Wales Motorhome repair for your Motorhome Plastic Bumper Repair?

As you can see above, the process for most plastic bumper repairs is not simple. We understand the importance of a flawless appearance, especially when you have spent a small fortune for your motorhome. You want your vehicle to look its best.

Our repair technicians are the best in the Cardiff , Swansea and Bridgend area. Each and every one has completed extensive training programs and all have at least 15 years of experience in the Smart repair industry repairing bumpers on both cars and motor homes. We offer a full line of repair techniques; however, plastic bumper repair is one of our most popular. Don’t just let the crack or scuff in your bumper get worse. Have a mobile qualified repair technician come to your location and complete the repair in less time than you might have thought possible. In most cases, plastic welding repairs can save you as much as 50% off the cost of replacing your motorhome bumper!

We cover a wide area to serve you better. Our Cardiff motorhome repair can have your vehicle looking like new again in just a couple of hours. Our Swansea mobile motorhome repairs technicians will be happy to explain the process in detail, so you know exactly what to expect from our service. In Newport and South Wales, minor motorhome repairs are affordable, fast, and can help the value of your vehicle remain where it should be.

Let our Service team help you return your beautiful vehicle to its original condition. We will be glad to provide a complimentary, no obligation quote for our services. Simply give us a call today for your motorhome bumper repair.

We also offer a mobile repair service for the refurbishment of alloy wheels and interior trim damage as well as repairing scuffs to leather seats giving our customers a one stop shop for many of the minor scuffs and scratches picked up when travelling on to days hectic roads.

Motorhome Bumper repairs in and around South Wales can be easily completed need advice

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